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/lewd/ thread

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>be me
>tell conservative kid that his family are traitors for fighting for the confederate
>gets triggered
>makes rumors about me
>mfw my school is mostly liberal and people agree with me

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I hate to see us make Jew memes like pol

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Real Communism

Fuck off weaboos real communism is anti-meme dictatorship of the proletariat and strong central government not fucking cats with anarchist shit all over them. Get off this chan you anarkiddy degenrate fucks. PRAISE POL POT. PRAISE CHAIRMAN MAO. PRAISE CHAIRMAN XI.

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Hey, What the fuck happened. I leave for a fucking month and the entire website degenerates into child porn and mods metaphorically nuking the place.

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what went wrong ?

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Happy birthday, Bunkerchan! Here's a video from your comrades over at GETchan!

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How do I find a gamer girlfriend?

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what does leftypol think of this cunt?

seems like an theory illiterate idiot to me

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Are traps gayyy! As a man of fact. I am not believe traps are gay. And these stupid americans say "OOOHHHH BUT HAVE DICK SO VERY GAY XDXDXd!" Yes have very dick. But also normal man have very dick. Does make normal man very gay? No, does not make normal man very gay. If you still think traps are gay. I am challenge you to prove that are gay!

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this is so elaborate lmao

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Spider Man Thread


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>bread goes into a toaster
>toast comes out

where did the bread go /dprk/ ?

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"apus of hte wurld, yoonyte!! u hab nufing els to loes but ur chanes"
-karl marqs, the helper manifesto

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Would you,
could you,
eat a log?

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So when your pouring the bisquik, are you trying to make pancakes?

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Do I have to let everyone fuck my ass an equal amount of time to be a communist or will I be gulag'd if I have favorites based on how much I enjoy it?

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Is FPSRussia a comrade?
Yes, he's pro gun, but he's Russian and his brand logo has a hammer and sickle on it.

Here's one of his videos

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Political Minecraft Autism Simulation

Hey, I'm here to (shill?) advertise a political role-playing factions server called Paradigm factions, which has recently restarted completely from scratch. Our goal as server administrators, is to encourage and facilitate a functional political role-play experience, where players are free to collaborate in factions and align themselves along ideological lines. This is not so much a PvP factions server, as much as it is a political simulation server. However, PvP and faction warfare will be certainly prevalent.


We’ve chosen Minecraft for a server like this, specifically because the game is extremely versatile and easily accessible for a lot of people, (considering many people own minecraft). We have a lot of options here, so I hope it's easy for all of you to excuse the negative connotations surrounding the game.

We've refined Paradigm Factions with a lot of plugins, which hopefully serve to make the base game more entertaining. For example, we have included a board of select-able ideologies, have limited PvP enchantments to a max of (III) to discourage grinding, and added a dynamic market based off calculated supply and demand.

[1] No raiding, killing, griefing or declaring war on other official factions without valid political reason(s).
[2] No cheating, or using hacks. This includes exploits.
[3] Role-play according to your political ideology.
[4] Be honest with admins.
[5] Annoying use of the chat will not be tolerated.
[6] Excessive destruction of the world/player built structures, will result in minor punishments.
(there are no rules against griefing, but be reasonable.)

If one thing you're worried about is how pay2win this server is, I can assure you 100% that this server is a non-profit, and not a single donation perk will involve serious in game items of any sort of bullshit advantage. Donations will be purely cosmetic. Furthermore, donations will only go towards funding the server. Every cent.

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I hate myself

I hate myself, shaken not stirred

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you like Huey lewis and the news ?

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kneesocks is my waifu

none of you can have her

she's all mine

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should a communist state be authoritarian?

This is gonna be my first post in here ( greetings comrades) and I wanna start with this question that me and a friends were discussing.
Should a communist state be like the DPRK to exist?
Or can it be a non authoritarian state.
If necessary what level of censorship would be needed?

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Alunya Thread

Seeing as Rachel decided to fuck off and become Porkies slut, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Alunya Thread and Alunya Comic Discussion. Other OC also accepted

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ITT: Leftypols discord drama

So....leftypols discord has suffered a coup at the hands of Schnitz. Second time he has done this the first time was with Declasscucking memes, now with the discord. When will his thirst for hunger stop lads?

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Grab This!

Fuck Trump Retard!

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I used to be apart of /r/FULLCOMMUNISM but got banned for defending pewdiepie. That's when I realised idpol was cancer.

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Russian leftypol

I need to ask something russian leftypol. I can read azbuka, but I cannot write it (on PC). If someone with contacts like baťko are here, can you redirect me where I can discuss something about their videos? I want to ask about adding subtitles for other languages.

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roast pork

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Unroo wikipedia article

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Just a heads up


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lets make the GDR flag on r/place. Come and hurry!

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Lefty/ck/ thread.

What meals do the proletariat of bunkerchan eat?

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Hey comrades, I want to invite you to YouthDebates, a debate forum (duh). It would be great to have some more socialists and anarchists on the site, who are interested in what it has to offer.

There is a rather friendly userbase from people across the political spectrum, and a special shitposting thread for those interested. Anyone under 30 (and over 12) should have no problem finding a place here.

Don't forget to post in the "introduction" thread once you make an account.


(soz for advertising)

You can read the FAQ here:

Have a nice, red day!

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Stalin thread

Post Stalin

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Where were you, when bunkerchan finally gained drive on april fools day?

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>someone, somewhere, unironically created this

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Alunya Thread

Seeing as Rachel decided to fuck off and become Porkies slut, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

Alunya Thread and Alunya Comic Discussion. Other OC also accepted

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r/socialism is dying because of idpol

We should take advantage of r/socialism mods going mad to draw ex members of their comunity and the one who feel frustrated

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>tfw born too early to experience fully automated luxury communism

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Karl Marx as a poet and romantic

A poem by Karl Marx to his wife Jenny.
(Translated with google from spanish to english, would be nice if someone can do a better translaton)

"I can not do with parsimony
what the soul shakes and shudders
or immerse myself in immobility,
and constantly I throw myself forward.

I want to do all mine,
to the highest favor of the gods,
and bold stand penetrate the world
knowledge, singing and art.

Everything I understand, always awake,
always moving,
never silent, never to be idle,
nor asleep in actions and wills.

Or devote to vague musings,
carrying the yoke negligible.

We still lie ahead
cravings, fatigue and action.

Jenny concluding the Sonnets

Take it, take these songs
where everything is melody,
take this love that your humble prostrates feet.
The soul, free approaches in bright beams.
Oh! If the echo of singing is so powerful:
to move elongated sweet flashes,
to beat the passionate pulse
your heart up himself proud sublime.
So far I will be witness
how victory leads you through light.
Braver then I fight for all
and my music will roar at the top
transformed my song sounds more free
and a sweet moan cry my lyre.

My world

Ah! When your lips whispered
just a word tibia.
Then I plunged into mad ecstasy,
helpless was swept into the distance.

From the depths of my soul,
in nerve and spirit I was afflicted
like a demon, when the great magician
He attacked with lightning efforts and spoke.

Why should they try to force yourself words in vain,
It is sound and nebulous fatigue
which it is infinite, as the wistful pain
like yourself and like everything?"

My dearest, unique Karl, you cannot believe, my darling, how very happy you make me by your letters, and how your last letter has once again restored calm and peace to your poor lamb. In the background dark feelings of anxiety and fear, the real menace of unfaithfulness, the seductions of a capital city.
From Jenny von Westphalen in Trier to Karl Marx in Paris, 18 August 1844.
"The direct, natural, and necessary relation of person to person is the relation of man to woman. The relation of man to woman is the most genuine relation of human being to human being. It therefore reveals the extent to which man’s natural behaviour has become human, or the extent to which the human essence in him has become his natural essence. The relationship also reveals the extent to which man’s need has become a human need: the extent to which, therefore, the other person as a person has become for him a need.

... If you love without evoking love in return – if through the vital expression of yourself as a loving person you fail to become a loved person, then your love is impotent, it is a misfortune."
Marx in Private Property and Communism, 1844

Post more Karl Marx and love related stuff.

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>when liberals unironically believe that "intolerant left" is attacking poor nazis

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whom here thinks we should have a board dedicated to posting communist/socialist/anarchist propaganda posters/pics?

>Pic unrelated

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listen you peace of shit

new reievew of the ejo and hjis owng by max xterner

please watch, lets hear critical reivews

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whats it like being marxist and autistic?

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Post ya totally rad posters below comrades

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I am the spark that will ignite the flames of revolution.
You see, I am going to burn down this country, my country, and rebuild it.
The plan is to unify the economical left. Before anything can change, capitalism has to be abolished. This means revolution; the violent act of reclaiming the land and the wealth that is yours.
I will try to unify and arm the left and step by step reclaim everything the proletariat lost back for them.
I have already started and hope to be somewhat successful by the end of the end of the year; pressuring politicians into more eytreme and radical positions.
The qestion about the nuances of the state and its laws, even if there should be a state at all, has to be answered after the revolution; for both need to get rid of the common enemy. Uniting all of the radical positions in the left will be hard, but we have to stand together in the trenches of the lived-out classwar.
This is why I write you; you lean to the left economically, but in no other way. You're not a citizen of this country, you're not even interested in the revolution over here. Why should anyone suspect you? If I have to go into exile in the next years, depending on how everything evolves, I might have to rely at least partially on you and the contacts you have all over the world.
Revolution rises with rattling chains and speaks: […] I was, I am, I shall be.

What does it take to start a war? Not more than 100 men with rifles and the will to self-determination. I assure you, this will become worse than Hobbes' worst nightmare, a revolution only driven by the will to abolish the old state, without a certain perspective. And this revolution in one country will ignite the revolution in neighbouring countries. The modern empires will fall to rise again.

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>BRO, if you hate capitalism so much, you should get rid of your iphone

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>Memenologie des Geistes
>Der Meme und sein Eigenthum
>Das Meme, Kritik der politischen Memenomie,
>Der Wille zur Meme
>Kritik der reinen Meme
>Mein Meme
>Jenseits des Memeprinzips
>Minima Memeia: Reflexionen aus dem beschädigten Memen
>Die fröhliche Memenschaft
>Meme und Zeit

>Il Meme
>Le Meme invisibili
>Meme furioso

>De Consolatione Memeiæ

>Мем и революция

>The Structure and Interpretation of Memes

>Memé et Répétition
>Traité de savoir-vivre à l’usage des jeunes Memés (Aka, The Meme of Everyday Life)
>À la recherche du Memés perdu

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Hey Faggots,
My name is prickly, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, stalinist, bootlickers who spend every second of their day shitposting on stupid ass websites. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on /marx/.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the anarchists in the anarchist moderation league, and best mod on /leftypol/ . What sites do you moderate, other than the stalinist bootlicker one? I also get straight A’s, and have a banging hot muke (i just banned him; Shit was SO cash). You are all bootlickers who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

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Capitalist anxiety

That feeling I get when I know capitalism will only get worse and I wont see communism in my lifetime.

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Libertarian Cringe Thread

/r/ing the picture of the Libertarian kid holding Atlus Shrugged with a water pistol to his head, and the one with the Goosebumps and Ayn Rand books.

Libertarian cringe thread in general I guess.

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Hey Comrades

Check this out

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Pineapple on pizza.

Yay or ney?

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Hegelians be like:


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Can tor users upload images if they go through one of the thousands of free web proxies?

picture unrelated

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When Are We Going To Move To Masterchan?

8chan is down all the time and this place still uses an obsolete moderating system.

When are we going to move to Masterchan?

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Can tor users create threads?

pic unrelated.


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>Train wifi is shit
>doesn't allow me to connect to bunkerchan IRC
>people actually pay for this shit (unless your first class) :^)
I wonder who could be behind this.

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Proletarian bellies of /dprk/

ITT: post your bellies
Here's mine with beer and lenin

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testing unicode

R: 2 / I: 2 / P: 7


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Daily reminder that this is what's happening on /leftypol/ right now.

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Leninist-Maoist muisc

Time for good old music of the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist kind.

At the call of comrade Lenin

Lenin Working Class Hero

Comrade Lenin is young again

Sozialistische Weltrepublik

Lenin tribute - Er rührte an den Schlaf der Welt

Lenin is always with you

An ode to comrade Lenin

Chairman Mao tribute

Tribute to Chairman Mao Zedong

Long live Chairman Mao

Tribute to Chairman Mao Zedong (2)

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The acronym TATMNMTT means nothing more than TATMNMTT.


R: 3 / I: 1 / P: 8

Found this on cripple/tg/
How tinfoiled can /pol/ even get?
>It's a jewntifa conspiracy why we are all turbonazis

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we gon have some beats & musac!


please shill on every thread on 8chan about bunkerchan so ppl will get here!


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So Fam what youtube channels do you lads watch?
Not necessary leftist.
I like watching H3H3, LeafyisHere, GradeAUnderA, I hate everything. Lazy Game Rreviews, Pyrocynical, NFKRZ.

for Leftist I watch Zizek talks, Xexizy, LSR.

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What in the cunting fuck happened to /leftypol/?

is full of retards now

R: 11 / I: 8 / P: 8

Let's play a game, /deeprookie/ !
Post random graph + political statement.

>There's a clear correlation between capitalism and the globally rising standard of living.

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Objectification thread

Found a bunch of artwork by a Zhang Da Zhong, so I thought I should dump it.
>tfw no qt azn Red Guard waifu

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8chan down?

R: 0 / I: 0 / P: 9

RIP Prickly_Cactus 2015-2016

Happy belated autism awareness day