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Comrade 01/11/2017 (Wed) 21:15:06 [Preview] No. 286 [Reply]
>tfw born too early to experience fully automated luxury communism
But you will probably live long enough to have fully-immersive virtual reality and you can just simulate a communist techno-utopia.
>tfw no immersive VR so I can snuggle my beautiful waifu.

Open file (49.67 KB 640x480 IMG_1123.JPG)
Comrade 03/21/2017 (Tue) 04:53:20 [Preview] No. 319 [Reply]
This isn't the centrism that Trots told me off, where workers in 20ies Germany where trying to find a position between the social-democratic and the communist parties, is it?
Open file (346.45 KB 600x423 poop in grass.jpg)
Test shitpost for trip

Open file (150.24 KB 570x668 MyMarx.jpg)
Karl Marx as a poet and romantic Comrade 03/03/2016 (Thu) 13:45:56 [Preview] No. 92 [Reply]
A poem by Karl Marx to his wife Jenny.
(Translated with google from spanish to english, would be nice if someone can do a better translaton)
Source: http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/tres-poemas-de-jenny/

"I can not do with parsimony
what the soul shakes and shudders
or immerse myself in immobility,
and constantly I throw myself forward.

I want to do all mine,
to the highest favor of the gods,
and bold stand penetrate the world
knowledge, singing and art.

Everything I understand, always awake,
always moving,
never silent, never to be idle,

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That is so adorable
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Open file (13.71 KB 224x256 thismakesmeuberhappy.jpg)
Open file (86.55 KB 555x720 IMG_0786.JPG)

Open file (457.60 KB 1280x800 2015_11_zizek_books.jpg)
Comrade 03/04/2017 (Sat) 14:02:57 [Preview] No. 315 [Reply]
>when liberals unironically believe that "intolerant left" is attacking poor nazis
wen i kill a liberal
Liberals are fucking cancer m8

Open file (1.27 MB 1136x640 IMG_0784.png)
Comrade 02/22/2017 (Wed) 22:43:10 [Preview] No. 297 [Reply]
whom here thinks we should have a board dedicated to posting communist/socialist/anarchist propaganda posters/pics?

>Pic unrelated
I think a thread would suffice as a start.
Just have a general on /dprk/ tbh
Why do we even have board named after DPRK you filthy Juche dick suckers REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
It's fits in with the Soviet theme and is a hangover from the vichan days

Open file (76.45 KB 960x1280 313474276197248977.jpg)
Comrade 01/20/2017 (Fri) 02:27:06 [Preview] No. 293 [Reply]

listen you peace of shit

new reievew of the ejo and hjis owng by max xterner

please watch, lets hear critical reivews
>Sam Hyde reviews Ego and his own.
good bants 10/10

question Comrade 09/10/2016 (Sat) 02:47:37 [Preview] No. 257 [Reply]
whats it like being marxist and autistic?
Open file (330.76 KB 576x566 warpedproky.png)
>top bougie keks

Open file (48.53 KB 388x480 IMG_0840.jpg)
COMMUNIST/SOCIALIST/ANARCHIST POSTERS N SHIT Comrade 02/23/2017 (Thu) 23:47:17 [Preview] No. 301 [Reply]
Post ya totally rad posters below comrades

Comrade 01/24/2017 (Tue) 02:09:31 [Preview] No. 295 [Reply]
I am the spark that will ignite the flames of revolution.
You see, I am going to burn down this country, my country, and rebuild it.
The plan is to unify the economical left. Before anything can change, capitalism has to be abolished. This means revolution; the violent act of reclaiming the land and the wealth that is yours.
I will try to unify and arm the left and step by step reclaim everything the proletariat lost back for them.
I have already started and hope to be somewhat successful by the end of the end of the year; pressuring politicians into more eytreme and radical positions.
The qestion about the nuances of the state and its laws, even if there should be a state at all, has to be answered after the revolution; for both need to get rid of the common enemy. Uniting all of the radical positions in the left will be hard, but we have to stand together in the trenches of the lived-out classwar.
This is why I write you; you lean to the left economically, but in no other way. You're not a citizen of this country, you're not even interested in the revolution over here. Why should anyone suspect you? If I have to go into exile in the next years, depending on how everything evolves, I might have to rely at least partially on you and the contacts you have all over the world.
Revolution rises with rattling chains and speaks: […] I was, I am, I shall be.

What does it take to start a war? Not more than 100 men with rifles and the will to self-determination. I assure you, this will become worse than Hobbes' worst nightmare, a revolution only driven by the will to abolish the old state, without a certain perspective. And this revolution in one country will ignite the revolution in neighbouring countries. The modern empires will fall to rise again.
Didn't know posadists posted here

Comrade 10/27/2016 (Thu) 00:06:04 [Preview] No. 270 [Reply]
>BRO, if you hate capitalism so much, you should get rid of your iphone
1 post omitted.
Open file (67.69 KB 400x618 IMG_1603.JPG)
>If Capitalism is so bad how come everything you own is a product of it???
Open file (57.10 KB 640x1200 1477625012199.png)
>chegg made :DDD
>Common owner ship isn't a part of communism.
I switched to solar this week, take that porky


no cookies?