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I hate myself Shaun Connery 07/03/2017 (Mon) 15:21:21 [Preview] No. 418 [Reply]
I hate myself, shaken not stirred

Open file (46.51 KB 650x370 bateman.jpg)
Comrade 06/30/2017 (Fri) 09:21:18 [Preview] No. 417 [Reply]
you like Huey lewis and the news ?

Open file (253.73 KB 894x894 kneesocks.png)
Comrade 07/10/2016 (Sun) 23:46:46 [Preview] No. 218 [Reply]
kneesocks is my waifu

none of you can have her

she's all mine
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There is already a thread for your shitty-bourgeois desires, comrades
Open file (39.75 KB 184x184 implying .png)

what are you some kinda slut ?

There are worse waifus outthere.

At least you go with order and the state.
Pretty good taste, tbh.

should a communist state be authoritarian? tovarisch spadonskij 06/15/2017 (Thu) 21:52:39 [Preview] No. 411 [Reply]
This is gonna be my first post in here ( greetings comrades) and I wanna start with this question that me and a friends were discussing.
Should a communist state be like the DPRK to exist?
Or can it be a non authoritarian state.
If necessary what level of censorship would be needed?
If you've talked to anyone who's ever lived in the DPRK you'll have your answer

Open file (108.60 KB 1060x1089 Schnitzel.jpg)
ITT: Leftypols discord drama Comrade 03/31/2017 (Fri) 12:38:39 [Preview] No. 326 [Reply]
So....leftypols discord has suffered a coup at the hands of Schnitz. Second time he has done this the first time was with Declasscucking memes, now with the discord. When will his thirst for hunger stop lads?
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nvm it's good now fam
The one thing I never understood is why would people prefer IRC, discord or something like that over anonymous imageboard system, What do you people find so appealing in such namefag circlejerks?
i was not very active on it but it was fun, until recently whe i decided to check it after a month or so and i was apparently out of it. -.- can anyone post inv ?
And now, the Discord is kill. AGAIN.

Open file (17.88 KB 480x360 blayt.jpg)
sputnik##SgNipD 04/27/2017 (Thu) 01:14:17 [Preview] No. 403 [Reply]
Open file (125.08 KB 2560x1440 8c.jpg)
Quality post I hope you feel proud suka

Grab This! JUCHE GRRRL 04/26/2017 (Wed) 00:29:44 [Preview] No. 402 [Reply]
Fuck Trump Retard!

Comrade 04/04/2017 (Tue) 00:04:42 [Preview] No. 376 [Reply]
I used to be apart of /r/FULLCOMMUNISM but got banned for defending pewdiepie. That's when I realised idpol was cancer.
Pewdiepie is cancer.
you seem like cancer
lol no thank you
Pewdiepie sucks. I'd ban you for defending him on the sheer virtue that he's an unfunny manchild.

Russian leftypol Comrade 04/11/2017 (Tue) 02:22:57 [Preview] No. 395 [Reply]
I need to ask something russian leftypol. I can read azbuka, but I cannot write it (on PC). If someone with contacts like baƄko are here, can you redirect me where I can discuss something about their videos? I want to ask about adding subtitles for other languages.

roast pork Comrade 04/08/2017 (Sat) 23:05:57 [Preview] No. 394 [Reply]


no cookies?