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Open file (26.10 KB 525x350 full_skeltalism.jpg)
Banners n 'shit n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:10:10 [Preview] No. 7
Post yr banners for the board, and also flags if you have any suggestions. I'm going to be stealing more flags from /leftypol/ but if you have any requests post them here.

Banner size is 300x100 and must be under 200KB
Edited last time by n1x on 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:25:09.
Open file (26.52 KB 480x232 1456976615804.jpg)
Open file (28.31 KB 300x100 safe space 300x100.png)
Open file (58.18 KB 300x100 skeltal berf.jpg)
Open file (53.04 KB 300x100 skeltal plotting.jpg)
Open file (35.58 KB 300x100 welcome.jpg)
I've added these but I think there might be a problem with board-specific banners.
Fix the problems, lazy worker!
I assume that is a global setting, so it's outside of my jurisdiction. Talk to Hoxha about it.
Fix it, Hoxha, lazy dictator
Open file (57.65 KB 300x100 skeltal rider.jpg)
Psychoanalysis flag, and antifa bc why not?
Open file (46.83 KB 300x100 dreams are dead.png)
Obligatory "banners are spooks" comment
Open file (18.46 KB 300x100 Kislune.png)


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