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Board description & Reulz n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:02:22 [Preview] No. 6
Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

1. Global rules apply
2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread (>>11). Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
3. Meta posts belong in this thread
4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam
Edited last time by n1x on 03/06/2016 (Sun) 03:59:48.
I'm impressed that you have managed to come up with a style that's even worse than the site's default.
I get that this is all supposed to be super dark and gloomy and stuff, but the text is practically black-on-black over here. Please make it at least a little brighter or something.
It looks perfectly fine on my monitor, but I'll look at brightening the overall text.

EDIT: Alright, how's it look now?
Edited last time by n1x on 03/04/2016 (Fri) 22:38:44.
Much better. Thank you.
The gray/black flag its the Agorism flag.
"Anarcho-Nihilism" isn't even a thing.
Stop using the Agorism flag, please.
On the contrary lad, Agorism isn't even a thing. Nihilists were responsible for fifty years of terrorizing Russia and assassinated a goddamn czar; Agorists haven't done anything, just like every other "anarcho"-capitalist variant.
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