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Open file (374.14 KB 640x890 Hegel wizard.jpg)
A.W. 07/08/2016 (Fri) 23:02:44 [Preview] No. 226
I claim this board in the name of the great wizard, Hegel. I dare you skeletons and spooks to stop us! Death? We live in and through death eternally!
Open file (16.65 KB 150x150 48.png)
The great Hegelian gang has marshaled its forces and reached Absolute Knowing. You abstract cavemen cannot hope to stand against our sorcery!
Open file (279.83 KB 600x382 Ice Wizard.jpg)
I am absolutely reporting for my Hegelian duty. *sniff*
>Hegelian autists shitposting on my dead board on a dead *chan
Not surprising tbh. GTFO filthy correlationists; Nietzschean speculative realism is the future of philosophy. Hegelianism is merely Enlightenment ideology for people who hate the Enlightenment.

Comrade I'm pretty sure you mean answering Nietzsche contra Benjamin with collaborative anti-capitalist culture that elucidates the pervasive commodification of all beauty.
Don't you mean Critical Nietzschean Speculative Realist Nihilistic Romanticism? :^^^)


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