>Do you do drugs?
Pyrovalerone stimulants and various psychs, but very very rarely on both. I trade art or computer repair for opis and other pharms every now and then as well.
>Do you have autism?
No. I have OCD and paranoia, and ptsd
>Or sexual kinks?
I don't really, but I have indulged in and explored such.
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
Losing jobs and homes and losing social status because of that, being homeless and getting stable again, family valuing money over me, hurting my stability in order to get small profit, pushing me to get the most lucrative sounding job instead of the job I can do in a stable way with the least harm, all of these and the actual alienation caused by profit motive being the basis of worth in society, and not being able to afford the products I've made, et c, all these have given me the PTSD from losing family to preventable work-related deaths, to cars being improperly manufactured and wrecking, and then family exploiting that loss to rip me off while I was vulnerable--
all that has also made me paranoid and it has magnified my natural OCD sometimes to dangerous degrees.

Pic related, it's a work-related injury I sustained doing temporary labor. I'm an artist, I had to relearn to draw and use my hands, because it really fucked up the operation of the entire hands, both hands, and also made me homeless because I couldn't work and then couldn't pay rent.