>the things you say aren't in line with the narrative we'd like to enforce, therefore they are invalid pointless shitposting
I've spent enough time trying to arguing my positions in good faith on /leftypol/ and been met with unbelievable asshurt and memeing. And this is the same for pretty much any dissenting opinion on /leftypol/ - which is incredibly ironic considering that /leftypol/ at the same time constantly whines that the perpetual deluge of /pol/ shitposting somehow prevents an echo chamber from forming, when it does precisely the opposite by uniting the various ideologies on /leftypol/ under a common set of /leftypol/ knee-jerk reactions on certain issues that exist purely to save face on the drama-whoring on 8chan. There's absolutely no point in doing anything other than being disruptive and annoying when /leftypol/ gets deep in its own dogma over these little pet issues that crop up over and over again as people respond to bait incessantly and in doing so continually reaffirm their knee-jerk mirroring of /pol/.

You can perhaps think of me as the Bob Black of /leftypol/ :^)))