>remnants of my ego
What in the actual fuck are you talking about?

Even when at the height of my posting on /leftypol/, I was never a particularly well-known poster. Certainly not at the level of someone like Yui. As far as I can tell, this pathetic animosity coming from you and the other person in the thread and maybe one or two others around /leftypol/ directed at me specifically is just people being butthurt over my own personal views on particular subjects - subjects which upset the delicate sensibilities of an increasingly /pol/-lite /leftypol/, which is more and more being made up of retarded ideologues who adopt a shallow "leftist" identity if they happen to come across /leftypol/ and be amenable to the vaguely leftist tendencies of /leftypol/. It's not like this kind of shit doesn't happen on literally every online community in existence, but /leftypol/ believes itself to be special, because /leftypol/ is "right", unquestionably so. Yet another fixture of every online community in existence.

Big surprise, people get upset over the fact that this shit doesn't fly with me and that I don't hesitate to at least challenge the /leftypol/ narrative - maybe not effectively, but at least I'm providing a voice of dissent that isn't literally a mirror to /leftypol/ (/pol/).

Also, you do know that Bunkerchan isn't my board, right? And that I've never been involved with any of the moderation process besides having this board? And that I wanted this board in the first place because Bunkerchan's software is objectively superior to 8chan's, because 8chan's user-board system just doesn't work and has lead to literally thousands of shitpost boards that were created specifically to clog up the website, and because Bunkerchan in general is just a better community than 8chan (hell, even /leftypol/ is better than the rest of 8chan, which is the only reason I ever still go there)?

Seriously, get over yourself.