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Banners n 'shit

Post yr banners for the board, and also flags if you have any suggestions. I'm going to be stealing more flags from /leftypol/ but if you have any requests post them here.

Banner size is 300x100 and must be under 200KB

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Board description & Reulz

Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

1. Global rules apply
2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread (>>11). Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
3. Meta posts belong in this thread
4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam

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Do you do drugs?
Do you have autism?
Or sexual kinks?
How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
I drink so often it can't be healthy anymore and frequently do some drugs, but am also very happy with my life so far (even when I'm sober).

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Is Anarcha-Feminism post-left? I see it on a lot of (the few) post-left boards but don't see how it's post left. Is this a joke?

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What brings you here today?

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i wanna die

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happy halloween /dead/

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asked this on /leftypol/ and naturally i got no discussion

are there any non-moralist arguments against pedophilia?

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I'M POSTING ON YOUR BOARD NERD WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT NOW NERDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ? xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxd


>no tank flag

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The cancer has been resected and lives at 0ch. Delete this human waste.

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Is misantrophy left-wing or right-wing?

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DonKim apocaplyptic totalitarian communism

Trump likes the idea of a big state but under the control of big business this is non-to-far from kimean korea so what do you reckon will come of these meetings??

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Why does this board CSS look like my depressive episodes?
It's a bit triggering.

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I claim this board in the name of the great wizard, Hegel. I dare you skeletons and spooks to stop us! Death? We live in and through death eternally!

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post you irl

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This board is comfy. It warms my aching bones.

Why is a board like /dead/ the only thing that made me feel today?

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It seems that /leftypol/ has finally found it's way to the board it deserves.

If only you weren't too late to witness /dead/.

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make /dead/ great again

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make /dead/ great again

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I'll just leave this here to be quite honest family.

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Is /dead/... dead?

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If the universe is materialistic, why don't we feel at home here?

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Words cannot express my angush rn.

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ITT we talk about how petty-bourgeois or full on capitalist we used to be.

syndicalism will allow us to continue our consumption and continue the spectacle (me a few years ago)

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official rule 2 thread

official rule 2 thread
>2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread. Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.

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Alain Badiou: Down with Death!

>So we could say that nihilism is the negative subjectivation of finitude; it is fundamentally the organised or anarchic (either is possible) consciousness that because we die, nothing is important. The most classic figure of nihilism is the statement that everything is devalued, de-symbolised and untenable in the face of death. It is an equalisation of the totality of everything that could be valued, faced with the radical ontological finitude that death represents. This question of the relation between nihilism and values is, as you know, a central question in Nietzsche’s philosophy, which takes up this theme of nihilism in order to make a very important diagnostic and critical use of it.

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ITT: how you imagine /dead/ BO looks IRL

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If global capitalism is ever destroyed by the proletariat(which with the rate we're making our own world uninhabitable we'll probably go extinct before that happens) I'd be fine with being put up against the wall or getting guillotined.

I get told this a lot, that since I've been born into economic privilege I shouldn't support gommunism because I'd be killed for no other reason than having a petty bourgoise family. But assuming this is true I'd be just fine with that. Life feels like torture,insomnia,manic episodes, depression,trying to avoid obligations, feeling like shit every day no matter what I do,social isolation, watching our natural world be destroyed. And I know that life isn't going to get any better, so I see very little reason to even bother with going on.

In my head I was going to write something much better than that, but when your thought process is an incoherent fog it's hard to actually communicate your thoughts into anything of quality.

Thread theme song: Mantits - Let Me Fucking Die

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What do you guys think of the supreme skeleton, Skull Knight?

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Does Post Left Anarchism have any direct relation with Anarcho-Nihilism?

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I'm gone for two weeks and suddenly this board exists and we're at war with wheelchan.

I've never even heard of "post-leftism". What the fuck are you people?

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>when your ego is so inflated it needs its own board that still can't contain it

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Serious thread for Serious Theory

Lets get Serious.
What do you fags think of this work of Bob Fat Black?

It was allready a bit discussed on /left/ but i like to know other opinions of fellow capitalist enabling degenerates.

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What's the hot new torture from post-late stage capitalism?

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What is the purpose of this board anyway?

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/r9k/ is death but now we have a new meme board