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Banners n 'shit n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:10:10 [Preview] No. 7 [Reply]
Post yr banners for the board, and also flags if you have any suggestions. I'm going to be stealing more flags from /leftypol/ but if you have any requests post them here.

Banner size is 300x100 and must be under 200KB
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I assume that is a global setting, so it's outside of my jurisdiction. Talk to Hoxha about it.
Fix it, Hoxha, lazy dictator
Open file (57.65 KB 300x100 skeltal rider.jpg)
Psychoanalysis flag, and antifa bc why not?
Open file (46.83 KB 300x100 dreams are dead.png)

Open file (80.34 KB 422x422 welcome.jpg)
Board description & Reulz n1x ##WQj+IL 03/04/2016 (Fri) 01:02:22 [Preview] No. 6 [Reply]
Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /dprk/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it.

Now in amazing Techni-nocolors!

1. Global rules apply
2. Please keep /r9k/-tier >tfw no gf shitposts to one thread (>>11). Capitalism is only one of the many, many reasons why you don't have a gf.
3. Meta posts belong in this thread
4. This is a #SAFE space_ for anarkiddies and nihilists; cheka yr authoritarian privilege fam
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It looks perfectly fine on my monitor, but I'll look at brightening the overall text.

EDIT: Alright, how's it look now?
Edited last time by n1x on 03/04/2016 (Fri) 22:38:44.
Much better. Thank you.
The gray/black flag its the Agorism flag.
"Anarcho-Nihilism" isn't even a thing.
Stop using the Agorism flag, please.
On the contrary lad, Agorism isn't even a thing. Nihilists were responsible for fifty years of terrorizing Russia and assassinated a goddamn czar; Agorists haven't done anything, just like every other "anarcho"-capitalist variant.
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Open file (23.50 KB 512x512 think.jpg)
Comrade 05/09/2017 (Tue) 20:38:02 [Preview] No. 267 [Reply]
asked this on /leftypol/ and naturally i got no discussion

are there any non-moralist arguments against pedophilia?
can you be more specific? To what degree do you want to pursue 'pedophilia'? Holding hands? blowjob? pregnancy? BDSM?
Makes parents upset, they'll probs shoot you. It's in your interest to not be a pedo.
When they inevitably become adults they might find you and beat the shit out of or kill you
Open file (106.74 KB 803x846 image.jpeg)
Because it's unnatural and contributes nothing to the continuation of the human race.

What happens to "pedophiles" in the wild?
>Attracted to children
>Have sex with child
>Unable to procreate
>Genetic dead end
If the person/animal continues to have sex with prepubescent children then literally nothing happens. Their bloodlines ends with them. Problem solved.

Adding stuff like
>it's wrong
>b-but the child's well being
>b-but it makes them happy
are moral arguments that only apply in social constructs that can shapeshift depending on the time and place. But at the end of the day having sex with a child that is unable to bear children contributes nothing.

You can be a moral relativist all you want but at the end of the day if you aren't having children then you are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That is literally your only job as a human and what drives us as a species. Sex is the road to reproduction. Reproduction is how we continue our species.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Children are conditioned to be obedient to adults and higher-authority figures. Due to their inherent lack of experience and therefore lack of knowledge on the subject, they are easily manipulated into engaging in sex.
Another important point is that children are not recognized as real human beings but rather as property of their respective parents (or legal guardians). This can sometimes be inconsistent but this is the general attitude.

The moral argument is very important because morality is inherently a societal construct. If society didn't exist and it was just you and a 12 year old girl there are no extra reasons against intercourse when compared to a 20-year old with a medical-condition you need to be mindful of.

But because society exists, just don't fuck kiddies. It's that simple.

Comrade 03/07/2016 (Mon) 03:34:24 [Preview] No. 84 [Reply]
post you irl
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I don't think you know what the flannel is for. But that's alright.
forgot me flag
Open file (806.25 KB 480x480 1467668150307-0.mp4)
Open file (113.36 KB 1020x783 1446020247161.png)
Like this.
Open file (57.39 KB 355x356 IMG_0455.JPG)

Open file (386.17 KB 1800x1322 diogenes.jpg)
Comrade 04/07/2017 (Fri) 00:07:28 [Preview] No. 264 [Reply]
This board is comfy. It warms my aching bones.

Why is a board like /dead/ the only thing that made me feel today?

This board is contaminated by n1x. Do not use this board.



Comrade 04/07/2017 (Fri) 06:00:31 [Preview] No. 265 [Reply]
It seems that /leftypol/ has finally found it's way to the board it deserves.

If only you weren't too late to witness /dead/.

Open file (115.89 KB 800x796 compepe.png)
Comrade 07/14/2016 (Thu) 20:46:15 [Preview] No. 235 [Reply]
Do you do drugs?
Do you have autism?
Or sexual kinks?
How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
I drink so often it can't be healthy anymore and frequently do some drugs, but am also very happy with my life so far (even when I'm sober).
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>Do you do drugs?
weed occasionally
>Do you have autism?
No I've been tested for that, my problem is an active head.
>Or sexual kinks?
I had a terrible childhood situation (not parents, other people), I struggle to deal with sex because of it
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
I can't get out of this house no matter how hard I've tried to find work. I've nearly given up.
I drink moderately
I don't have autism but I have extreme anti-social behavior
I'm addicted to violence
>Do you do drugs?
Pyrovalerone stimulants and various psychs, but very very rarely on both. I trade art or computer repair for opis and other pharms every now and then as well.
>Do you have autism?
No. I have OCD and paranoia, and ptsd
>Or sexual kinks?
I don't really, but I have indulged in and explored such.
>How has alienation from living in capitalism fucked you up?
Losing jobs and homes and losing social status because of that, being homeless and getting stable again, family valuing money over me, hurting my stability in order to get small profit, pushing me to get the most lucrative sounding job instead of the job I can do in a stable way with the least harm, all of these and the actual alienation caused by profit motive being the basis of worth in society, and not being able to afford the products I've made, et c, all these have given me the PTSD from losing family to preventable work-related deaths, to cars being improperly manufactured and wrecking, and then family exploiting that loss to rip me off while I was vulnerable--
all that has also made me paranoid and it has magnified my natural OCD sometimes to dangerous degrees.

Pic related, it's a work-related injury I sustained doing temporary labor. I'm an artist, I had to relearn to draw and use my hands, because it really fucked up the operation of the entire hands, both hands, and also made me homeless because I couldn't work and then couldn't pay rent.
Woah damn this looks really fucking bad... How are your hands looking now?
Nails weren't supposed to grow back, as they amputated right up to the cuticles, but I got nail back anyway.
I credit Zhan Zhuang practice.

Open file (18.49 KB 300x211 makhno.jpg)
glitteringounce 01/14/2017 (Sat) 18:07:12 [Preview] No. 255 [Reply]
make /dead/ great again

Open file (18.49 KB 300x211 makhno.jpg)
glitteringounce 01/14/2017 (Sat) 18:09:26 [Preview] No. 256 [Reply]
make /dead/ great again
oops, i accidentally posted the same thing twice
why didn't you delete it then?
i thought not knowing how to delete posts was just a 4chan thing

Open file (8.13 KB 300x200 Layne.jpg)
Comrade 07/12/2016 (Tue) 08:11:20 [Preview] No. 233 [Reply]
I'll just leave this here to be quite honest family.

I love cheesy alternative rock. My wife has this song on a sampler, which contains HITS ONLY!


no cookies?