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Stupid thumbnails Iara#wq5N8a 12/01/2018 (Sat) 01:37:04 [Preview] No. 29
I refuse to post unless they make the thumbnail smallers.
Please, fix these thumbnails
>Doesn't accepts secure tripcodes
Not looking very well for this place...
Open file (9.22 KB 218x232 1474155435064.jpg)

Also i suggest a /test/ board for testing tripcodes and things.
My tripcode doesn't work either.
Yes it does it's the same as vichan/8ch/4chan you name##tripcode for secure trip and name#tripcode for a insecure trip

Gunna set it to 200px

>>>/testing/ ;^)

Site uses a different salt
was set to 325px now set to 200px. This won't resize the old thumbnails though.
Testing thumbnail

I would prefer 150 but hey, that's good.
Also, no matter what, my tripcode won't show. Can't we have them like in GETchan? Where my tripcode works fine and dandy.
I can set up custom Trips but you'll have to email me your password.
Ewww no. That seems risky. NOT DOING THAT.
Can I pick a new password and use that for a custom tripcode if I email it to you?
Email me at spacedustteapot@Spacechan.xyz


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